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Abbi’s Story

Treated for head pain at our Yate clinic.

“I met Rose from Willow Chiropractic, by chance, in Cabot Circus a few weeks ago. I had a quick assessment with her in which we found out my posture wasn’t quite as it should be and could be causing some, if not all of my problems, so we arranged for an in-depth consultation the following week. 

I have had a constant headache since 20th Dec 2015, when I contracted Bacterial meningitis, and have been on daily pain medication ever since.

Until about 4 weeks ago I always had a headache but after my first treatment with Rose I couldn’t believe I walked out of there with no headache! Now my headaches come and go, but are getting so much better with the more treatments and I have almost totally stopped my pain medication.

I can now see a light at the end of what was a very dark tunnel for me and I’m so grateful that I met Rose that day.”

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