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Andy’s Story

“I first came to see Matt in October 2017 as I was having pain in my left shoulder, which radiated into my left arm. I’m a keen golfer and this was preventing me from playing well and making me miserable.

As well as treating me for this, Matt noticed that my upper body was very stiff and he recommended a course of chiropractic treatment over several months to help free up this stiffness and hence help me to swing the golf club more freely. He has worked to this end for many visits now and things are loosening up nicely. I now insist on seeing Matt every two weeks for regular adjustments as I have no intention of letting things return to the way they were before. Preventing is better than cure. 

Many thanks to Matt and all the team.”

Treated for shoulder & elbow pain at our Nailsea clinic by Dr Matthew Freeman.

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