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Bruce’s Story

Treated for sciatica at our Yate clinic.

“Before starting chiropractic care, I had severe sciatica. I used to be able to walk 10 miles or so, but that became 100 yards and only being able to stand for a few minutes at a time. I went to see my GP, who wanted to give me painkillers, so I started to consider my other options. I considered physiotherapy and osteopathy as well, but ended up choosing chiropractic.

My pain wasn’t getting any better and it impacted everything. I couldn’t walk, garden, or cook standing up, I had to sit down. I had known about chiropractic for years as my late wife was a nurse, but I was worried about whether there was any danger in it. I was sceptical as I wasn’t sure it would work for me. 

I had only tried painkillers, but I only used them in the short-term because it’s not solving the root cause. Once the initial pain from sciatica went, Dr Hardus carried out another assessment and found that I was off balance in my weight bearing. My sciatica cured quite quickly, but it is taking a while to rebalance my body. The fact that I was out of pain from sciatica was unexpected. I thought it would take 6-12 months, but after 2 months there was a huge improvement. 

I’m 76 years-old and I can walk for miles now more regularly, and I can lead a normal life. I am grateful for the difference. My main objective is to keep moving forward and maintain my current health. I would recommend to anyone to try chiropractic.”

Willow Chiropractic Bruce testimonial

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