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Christine’s Story

Treated for neck pain at our Bedminster clinic.

“I had been dealing with neck problems for years. It was affecting my sleep and day-to-day life. I was stuck in a pattern of painkillers and sleepless nights, and because I wasn’t sleeping other parts of my life were being affected.

I’ve always known about chiropractic, so when I walked past the clinic in Bedminster, I decided to come in. I walk out of my treatments feeling much freer and bright. I’m much more mobile now; I didn’t realise how little freedom of movement I had. I can get into different yoga positions now, and cycling is much easier now that I can turn around.

I’ve told others about chiropractic too. I think it’s brilliant. Even people who don’t have any pain or problems should come, you don’t always realise that you’re not quite in alignment.”

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