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Dave’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Yate clinic.

“Just thought I would take a few moments to compose an email to express my gratitude for the treatments provided by you at Willow Chiropractic.

When I first responded to a leaflet which talked about various aches and pains which could possibly benefit from physiotherapy I was very sceptical. But, as I had a number of issues which troubled me, I decided to come to you for a consultation. I felt that my first visit was friendly and informative so I decided to book a course of 12 treatments. Although I booked the sessions I must admit I was still very sceptical about my decision. I am very pleased to say that after a couple of sessions I began to benefit from the treatments and my scepticism disappeared.  I went on to complete the course of treatment and felt it had served me so well that I decided to book another 12 sessions which I have been attending  about once a month just to keep things on track. I can honestly say that my wellbeing has benefited tremendously from the time I have spent in treatment. I am very glad I ignored my scepticism. Many thanks and kind regards.”

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