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David’s Story

As a devoted grandfather, the joy of childcare brought David unexpected physical strain, leading to persistent discomfort on his left side, compounded by longstanding neck and shoulder stiffness.

Prompted by his daughter’s own positive experience with Willow Chiropractic and her encouragement as a medical professional, David embarked on a personalised chiropractic plan in our Emerson’s Clinic. 🌱

Initially hesitant, David found reassurance in Dr. Gus’s and the team’s expertise, leading to a series of adjustments tailored to his needs. The results? A notable enhancement in mobility, sleep quality, and overall well-being. 📈

David regained comfort in his daily activities. He became acutely aware of the importance of posture and stress management. 🧘

His positive experience resonated within his family, inspiring others like his brother to seek care and regain their active lifestyles. 🚴‍♂️

Treated for neck & shoulder stiffness at our Emersons Green clinic by Dr Gus

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