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David’s Story

“When I met Dr Michael Gallagher I jokingly said I wanted him to take 20 years off my spine. Hahaha.

Problems had been building up, such as a recurring neck strain and not being able to turn to see behind me without twisting. Simple things I’d put down to ‘getting older’ and couldn’t be helped and that’s the way it is. So I accepted it, but I’d stopped doing sports and ski holidays with friends because there was the risk I’d flare up the problems

But – amazingly – we’re there! I’ve regained flexibility I haven’t enjoyed for years, and it keeps getting better.  Movement, vitality, even breathing – all so much better. I’m astounded at how much everything has improved and the strains I’d grown accustomed to, have gone. This is fantastic.”

Treated for back & neck pain at our Clifton clinic by Dr Michael Gallagher.

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