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Geoff’s Story

“I had been suffering from back problems ever since I had a fall. Surgery was not recommended so I had resigned myself to suffering with poor mobility and becoming a disabled person.

I had tried treatment from an osteopath and a sports masseuse, but it only gave me temporary relief. After doing some research I chose Willow Chiropractic and was examined and evaluated by Ana who discovered that my body was “out of balance”. She put me on 2 sets of scales, one leg in each one, and what happened next shocked me. It turned out I was putting 20 pounds more weight on the right leg than my left leg – very “out of balance”!

Ana explained in detail that my body was compensating for the prolapsed discs that was causing the pain, especially on my right side, including my right thigh and knee. I enrolled in a treatment plan and I cannot express how impressed I am, not only with the results so far, but with Ana’s enormous professionalism. She is a star. She explains everything in detail about what she is doing and why.

I was only able to walk for short distances to now be able to work my way, with Ana’s help and guidance, from a mile or more away.”

Treated for back pain at our Filton clinic by Dr Ana Santos.

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