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Jamie’s Story

Treated for sciatica at our Bedminster clinic.

“Before coming to Willow Chiropractic I was in excruciating sciatic pain. I barely slept, I couldn’t sit or stand straight, I couldn’t even put my socks on. My attitude toward life was bleak and I was pretty miserable most of the time. Dr Ryan identified issues I wasn’t even aware of and set up a tailored care plan. I am shocked and ecstatic at how quickly I have come along in the healing process, as are my family and friends. 

I’m excited for the future again; I can do things I haven’t been able to in a long time like sit down, sleep, and even rock climb! I am absolutely pain free. I can’t express how much of a relief it is. Dr Ryan has helped me both physically and emotionally, and I always look forward to my next visit. He has turned my life around and I will be forever grateful. 

If anyone is having any issues that they think chiropractic might help with, GO! Take care of your body. I wish I had met Dr Ryan sooner.”

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