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Jane’s Story

Treated for neck & shoulder pain at our Clifton clinic.

“For years I had tried massage to ease my shoulder and neck pain but it wasn’t working. I saw a Willow Chiropractic clinic open in my local shopping precinct but needed to pluck up courage before wandering in. I wasn’t convinced that my shoulder aches were bad enough.

From the moment I was brave enough, I was welcomed with friendliness and encouragement by everyone at Willow.  Rob, my chiropractor, explained what was wrong with my spine, hips and neck, plus how my overall lifestyle wasn’t helping. Equally, Rob was encouraging & enthusiastic for how he could help. He was right!

Since having weekly treatment I am able to move more easily and without pain. Walking used to cause me lower back pain and moving my head to look sideways was limited. A searing pain I had in my right shoulder has now almost vanished. Rob has taught me exercises which can release pain whenever it starts, and to help improve and sustain movement in my affected joints. I used to take daily paracetamol for headaches; I now take none. I prefer to stretch and drink plenty of water. 

I am so glad that I came to Willow Chiropractic. It has made such a positive difference to my mobility and quality of life.”

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