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Jennifer’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Filton clinic by Dr Ana Santos.

“As a pole dancer and aerialist, maintaining movement and flexibility is a must. I initially came to Willow Chiropractic with numbness in my arm and that was making it difficult to complete certain moves, as well as long-term wrist pain. Having very little knowledge of what a chiropractor does and what is involved, I was a bit hesitant and wasn’t sure that it would help. I had seen a physio for my wrist pain in the past but it hadn’t really helped, so I just assumed it was something I would have to live with. How wrong I was!

In my consultation Ana explained everything in a way that was really easy to understand, which put me at ease, and we began treatment. After a couple of weeks I noticed my wrist pain had completely gone!  With some posture improvements on my part and seeing Ana twice a week my range of movement is much better. If you’re thinking of seeing a chiropractor (or even if you’re not!) I can absolutely recommend Willow Chiropractic!”

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