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Kacey’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Emersons Green clinic by Dr Lacey Prosser.

“My name is Kacey and I am 12 years old. I’ve had pain in my neck, in-between my shoulder blades and the base of my back for around 2 years.

As it was on and off pain we didn’t worry too much about it, just put it down to sleeping in funny ways. However, when the pain became much more frequent around 6 months ago my mum decided I should see a chiropractor.

I came to see Lacey, who immediately knew what to check for. She knew straight away from where the pain was that the problem was the way I was sitting in school. over the last 6 months Lacey has helped me with spine and rib manipulations and exercises for my posture and now the pain barely even occurs.
Thank you for taking an interest in me Lacey and for helping me to live my life without pain.”

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