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Liam’s Story

Treated for sciatica at our Emersons Green clinic.

“My back pain has been getting worse, particularly since having a child. It was horrific. I used to be extremely active, but then everything was agonising. Even walking would bring me to tears. Not being able to do everything I wanted made me angry, frustrated and miserable. I have been hospitalised before as I had significant numbness and pins and needles. It was making me miserable. It was even impacting my child as he didn’t understand why daddy didn’t want to play with him when I couldn’t move. It was a never-ending cycle. 

During a team catch up one day, I was discussing chiropractic with my boss. I decided to look into it and asked for recommendations on Facebook; Willow was consistently coming up. When I came to my first appointment, I was hobbling. Every step was agony. I was very open when I came to see Dr Rolf. A close friend of mine and my wife had great progress with chiropractic, and they had similar problems to me! The only reservation I had was about the price of the care plan. This flew out of the window after my first session. It made an almost instantaneous difference and is 100% worth every single penny.

The overall experience has been fantastic. Everyone is so friendly, relaxed and accommodating. I really enjoyed the Health Talk too! I now have a fresh perspective on how interconnected my body is; parts of my spine were being affected by my neck and shoulders. It is the care, support and education that has been life changing for me. From barely being able to walk, to now being able to complete a 15km hike and climb up and down trees with my 5-year-old without pain. I genuinely didn’t think this was possible before attending my first session.”

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