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Lottie’s Story

“I had niggles for years, but it came to a head a couple of months before starting chiropractic care. I had sciatic problems in the past and I couldn’t stand for very long. I used heat packs and ibuprofen to try to reduce the pain, but it just kept coming back. 

Coming into lockdown I wasn’t moving a lot and I was losing my fitness. Then, my pain started and it kept getting worse. I was talking to a friend about my pain and what she was saying was close to what I was experiencing and had success with chiropractic. I was sceptical before starting, and I was doubtful through the first few weeks as I wasn’t seeing much progress.

After the adjustments, especially the first ones, I felt achy afterwards. It was about getting used to sticking with the treatment and thinking more about the long term. Now, I feel really great. I haven’t felt this strong in a long time and I can do so much more. I’m able to walk for longer, double what I used to be able to, and my legs feel so much stronger. I was able to recently walk 35km and I went for my first run in a while and hit a new personal best on my first one back!

I used to be very reactive to pain, but you have to change your mindset to be more proactive as taking care of your health is long-term.”

Treated for sciatica at our Bedminster clinic.

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