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Lynn’s Story

Lynn once found herself unable to move without someone at home to help her. Despite her active lifestyle, sciatica crept in over six months, worsening until it locked her leg, making it impossible to put weight on it or walk far. Simple tasks became unmanageable, and she could no longer take her boisterous dog out or function properly each day. The debilitating pain left her feeling unsafe and dependent on others.

Visits to the doctor resulted in ineffective treatments like naproxen, and while CBD tablets helped the pain, they didn’t address the underlying issue. Frustrated and desperate, Lynn turned to Ralph at Willow Chiropractic. The change was dramatic and life-altering. Lynn felt a weight lifted off her shoulders, regaining her mobility and positivity.

The adjustments at Willow Chiropractic restored her ability to choose her activities rather than being dictated by her body’s limitations. The priceless feeling of being able to do what she wanted, including going on holiday with her daughters, marked a significant improvement. Lynn is so grateful for the care she received that she is willing to continue indefinitely, cherishing the return of her mobility and independence.

Treated for Pain and Limited Mobility at our Emersons Green clinic by Dr Ralph

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