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Marc’s Story

Treated for neck pain at our Nailsea clinic.

“For the last 8 years I have struggled with severe neck pain. I had previously tried physiotherapy and even a back surgery to remove discs, but my pain still didn’t improve. I went through major surgery and still saw no progress. I felt so deflated. No matter what the pain would be there, which made it difficult to get comfortable. My sleep quality wasn’t great, and I was getting more and more tired. There was a huge domino effect on my life. My job role requires me to be alert, clear minded and physically able. This pain was stopping that. 

A colleague of mine had mentioned chiropractic and I decided to research online. I came to Willow based on a recommendation from another colleague. I had nothing to lose, I was becoming more desperate. My knowledge of chiropractic was very limited, but I now believe it is fantastic! The high level of knowledge Dr Liam holds surrounding how interconnected the body is has provided me with a newfound respect for chiropractic. 

It has been a long journey to get to where I am today. After 4-5 months I felt significantly better, but I was still getting enough pain to drag me down. I kept pushing through as I wondered “if I’m already seeing these changes, what would I be like in the next 4-5 months?” Painkillers used to get me through the pain. Now, I haven’t taken painkillers in over 4 months! 

My advice to everyone is to start with chiropractic care and stick with it. Trust your body to heal even if the problem has been there a long time and you’ve lost confidence in your body. Your health is what is most important.”

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