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Margaret’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Nailsea clinic by Dr James Barber.

“I was recommended to Willow Chiropractic by a friend, as I had been in a road accident resulting in a broken bone in my spine. Thankfully the break healed completely, but I was still suffering back pain—I was unable to bend very far and was left with poor posture and neck pain. I was also suffering from a form of vertigo.

My Chiropractor, James, has been excellent. He has relieved me of back pain, giving me movement again and enabling me to get back to my gardening. I am also standing straighter, and his adjustments of my neck have almost totally alleviated my vertigo problem. The sessions I have received so far have been a godsend, so many thanks to James and to the whole team for your support.”

Margaret-Bawn and James barber Willow Chiropractic

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