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Mikey’s Story

In his thirties, Mikey began experiencing lower back pain. Following the typical route of the time, he visited his GP and was prescribed painkillers. However, the pain always returned and progressively worsened. Eventually, it spread to his shoulder and neck, leading to a relentless cycle of painkillers, doctor visits, hospital trips, and X-rays. Frustrated and exhausted, Mickey tried acupuncture and physiotherapy, which provided only minimal relief. By the age of 54, he was medically discharged from his job due to his debilitating condition.

Desperate for an alternative solution, Mickey decided to explore other treatments and discovered Willow Chiropractic. Under the care of Dr. Monica, Mickey felt truly listened to for the first time, and together they developed a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition to his back, neck, and shoulder pain, Mickey suffered from severe, crippling headaches. Remarkably, since his first adjustment a year ago, he has not experienced a single headache.

Today, Mickey is pain-free, with significantly improved mobility. The unending pain that once dominated his life is now a distant memory. The psychological burden of constant pain, which left him exhausted and depressed, has been lifted, giving way to a renewed outlook on life.

His experience with Willow Chiropractic has not only alleviated his pain but also led to improvements in his diet and exercise routine. Most importantly, Mickey can now spend more quality time with his grandchildren and fully enjoy life once again.

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Treated for lower back pain, which has spread to his shoulders and neck at our Filton clinic by Dr Monika

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