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Miriam’s Story

Treated for neck & shoulder pain at our Nailsea clinic by Dr James Barber.

“During the latter part of 2016 I was suffering more and more with discomfort in my neck and shoulders resulting in headaches, nausea and dizziness. An X-Ray of my neck and shoulders showed that I have arthritis. After seeing the Willow advertisement in the local freebie paper I rang to speak to someone there and after a consultation with James, he said he felt sure he could help me.

I was so relieved because my quality of life had become so poor; I felt my seventy-nine years and some! Treatment commenced immediately and after five or six weekly sessions the symptoms began to subside and I felt stronger, more positive and more energetic. My treatments gradually reduced to fortnightly then monthly. I continue my monthly visits and together with the exercises which James demonstrated, I am able to live a full and active life. Thank you so much James, I no longer feel the ‘old lady’ I did when I first came to you, my age is just a number.”

james barber with patient Willow Chiropractic

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