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Paul’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Yate clinic.

“Normally I would have considered myself a fairly active and healthy mid 50 year old with a hectic work/life balance that is not necessarily the right side of “life”.

In my youth I played rugby and can still remember the first time I took a tackle that really hurt my back.

Since then I have been a little susceptible to back ache, neck ache and generally being a bit stiff, but never paid it much mind. Then it happened – I bent down to lift something and got it all wrong. I tried to lift with my back and it just made the loudest crack. I was in agony – it hurt if I lay down, it hurt if I stood up and hurt when I sat down, nothing was comfortable. Having had back ache for years I thought it might just go away – but of course it didn’t.

From my very first telephone conversation with Willow they couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.  Later that day I met Dr Greg. He was very thorough and took his time to fully understand my history and my most recent accident, and what I wanted to achieve by seeking chiropractic care. He explained the different courses of action which were open to me – no high pressure at all, just common sense, which I really appreciated. On my first adjustment it felt like my neck literally cracked back into place and I was instantly more comfortable. I have been going to him ever since.

Dr Greg has a really gentle and calm approach and just manipulates me back into the shape I should be, in a very controlled way. Every time I have an appointment I leave feeling that bit better and we always have a laugh as I can never remember the right positions to get into. Greg really is a great Doctor of Chiropractic but he’s also a really great guy.

But best of all – Greg is a Bath Rugby supporter.

Thanks Greg!”

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