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Pete’s Story

Treated for knee pain at our Clevedon clinic.

“I was in immense pain and due another operation on my hip which was cancelled. I could barely walk let alone sit down or even do the most basic things like putting my socks on.

My daughter advised me to give the chiropractor a go and see if they could help with my situation. So I limped to Willow Chiropractic.

I explained my situation and they were very helpful and arranged a meeting that day at 17:45pm to see a consultant called Shawn Chou. I was very sceptical and didn’t know anything that these professionals really did – but I had nothing to lose.

What he explained in the consultation about my body and the sensations I was feeling was incredibly accurate and following the consultation he offered me the choice of an adjustment.

I’ve continued to have adjustments which has improved my current health status and has enabled me to have better mobility and less pain without having to take as many pain killers. Without these guys I do not think I would be able to work so I would recommend these people to anyone.

My chiropractor Shawn is a great guy and very helpful and I always come away feeling positive and in a better place. They genuinely look after my wellbeing. I am still waiting for my operation to happen, but I shall continue to see these guys and dolls after.

Thank you Willow and thank you Shawn.”

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