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Ruth and Phoebe’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Clifton clinic by Dr Michael Gallagher.

“My husband and two children have been patients at Willow for almost two years now.  Our chiropractor makes us feel very welcome and we were immediately at ease with him. The staff are very professional, listen to your needs and will treat you at length to ensure you are feeling much better when you leave, than when you went in! 

My daughter, Phoebe Jakubczyk, is an elite gymnast and competes for Great Britain. Training 35 hours per week puts a great toll on her body.  She has regular adjustments to ensure she is at her strongest and, more importantly, that her body is balanced and in line. 

We see chiropractic as a way of life, not just when you have an issue with your body. Thank you Mike and Willow!”

Phoebe and Ruth Jakubczyk

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