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Sam’s Story

Treated for headaches at our Bedminster clinic.

“Having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, having poor posture and stressful periods in my life all combined to make me tense, hunched over, and generally not in a very good place. I have always experienced headaches, but the medication for my rheumatoid arthritis just made them so much worse. I felt like I was having a headache every day, which would usually turn into a headache twice a week. I was taking a lot of painkillers just to get through the week, but I knew it wouldn’t really get me anywhere.

It was impacting my energy levels, social life, and everything between. Being in constant pain just made me want to be on my own at home. Looking for some relief from the pain had me turning to medication but it doesn’t help. It numbs the pain for a short while, but that was it. I had read about chiropractic over the years as when I was researching rheumatoid arthritis, I found a lot of people saying that chiropractic had been beneficial to them.

I just knew I needed to take control and find something that will help me to feel better, rather than waiting and putting it off. My health was so important to me when I felt that bad. I didn’t want to spend the majority of my life feeling unwell. I have had almost no headaches since starting chiropractic care, which is unbelievable. I feel more positive, and I am able to get on with my day and do more of everything. 

I am much happier at work, and I enjoy being around people now that I’m not in pain. Being present in my day, feeling well, and being confident in my body are huge steps in the right direction. From that first session, I felt like years of tension had evaporated and felt ten foot taller. It was the weirdest feeling.”

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