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Sarah’s Story

Treated for headaches at our Yate clinic.

“Before starting chiropractic care I was in pain all the time. My headaches were affecting my life massively, both physically and mentally. I was constantly thinking about when to take my next paracetamol, and I wasn’t sleeping well as I couldn’t get comfortable. My day-to-day life was becoming a struggle, which impacted my overall quality of life. The pain was playing tricks on my mind, I constantly thought something was seriously wrong. It wasn’t just affecting my life; it was affecting my family too as I never felt up to doing much.

After a year, I rang my GP, but they only wanted to prescribe more medication. That wasn’t going to solve anything. The GP did mention chiropractic, and that was when I contacted Willow. My husband had experienced positive results with chiropractic before, so I wasn’t sceptical, but I was nervous. I was at the point where I was happy to try something and not just start taking stronger painkillers. 

From the start of my care plan, I saw positive progress; I didn’t really experience any challenges which was great. Even after the first couple of sessions my headaches were easing off quite a bit! I couldn’t believe it. My headaches used to dominate my days and I would be thinking about it constantly, but not anymore. I no longer have to take as much medication or worry about leaving the house anymore. The headaches used to be worse at the end of the day, but now I feel completely normal. My family has noticed the difference too; they’re seeing me again, not someone constantly worrying. I am still nervous that they might come back and what might trigger them, but it doesn’t take over my life. 

To anyone with similar symptoms, go for chiropractic! You have nothing to lose. If you’re losing hope then keep pushing, one day you’ll turn a corner and things will start going your way.”

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