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Terry’s Story

Treated for back, neck & knee pain at our Nailsea clinic by Dr Liam Rice.

“15 months ago I was definitely feeling my age, beginning to accept and adapt to daily aches and pains, and painkillers.

An advert for Willow caught my eye and I came along.

I began my adjustments with Liam, and he started to coach me (or was it nagging?!) suggesting I ‘go for a walk’, ‘stop looking at my feet’, ‘keep active’ and so on. It was intense and I am now maintaining my progress, gradually, as Liam said it would, my brain began to work with him and my body in positive, helpful ways.

I recently said to Liam, after my birthday ‘I am now another year older, but I feel at least a year younger.’

It’s all thanks to Liam and his help. Team work!”

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