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Vicky’s Story

Vicky Welsh has been seeing a chiropractor for several years, initially on and off, but she became more committed during the Covid lockdown. Extreme pain from a tooth abscess, which couldn’t be treated due to restrictions, caused her jaw and neck to seize up. As chiropractic care was part of her primary health care, she made an appointment with Mickey. Within a few sessions, Mickey released the tension and eased her pain.

Vicky was amazed by the effectiveness of a few adjustments and decided that regular chiropractic care was a worthwhile investment in her ongoing well-being. She reflected on how chiropractic care complements her work, teaching Nordic walking for health and fitness. Her monthly appointments with Mickey serve as mini health checks, where she assesses her body’s condition and receives hands-on feedback and adjustments.

Combining almost daily Nordic walking with regular chiropractic care, Vicky finds the two practices to be the perfect combination for fitness and whole-body well-being.

Treated for Neck & Jaw Stiffness at our Clifton clinic by Dr Mickey

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