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Andrew Evans
Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic (MTEC) Chiro

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Andrew in a nutshell

Andrew received his chiropractic qualification from Johannesburg University in South Africa in 2005.

Immediately after graduating, he moved to the UK to begin his career. He started his journey in North Nottinghamshire, spending five years sharpening his skills at a highly successful clinic run by a close friend and associate.

When he was ready for a new challenge, Andrew took over the Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Hucclecote, Gloucester. Then, in 2015, Andrew decided to sell the Chiropractic Wellness Centre and proceeded to establish a new practice at St Luke’s Therapy Centre, an anthroposophical therapy center in Stroud.

What Andrew likes

On the personal front, Andrew is  blessed with a happy marriage, a wonderful wife named Andy, and two lovely children – Chad and Clara.

He loves camping, climbing, hiking, surfing, kayaking and windsurfing and wishes he could do more but life with teenagers is busy.

Andrew's approach

Andrew is a strong proponent of the nuanced power of chiropractic adjustments, holding the conviction that there’s a specific method that suits each unique body. Throughout his years in the practice, he has seen firsthand the life-changing effects of chiropractic care—effects that he too experienced in his early 20s.

He asserts that the body’s healing force is closely connected to the health of the nervous system, emphasizing the importance of proper alignment.

When stress disrupts this balance, it can entangle the nervous system, blocking the essential flow of information between the body and the brain. In these instances, Andrew’s expertise comes into play as he skillfully releases the interference and helps to reestablish the body’s natural, healthy rhythm.

Where you can find Andrew

Filton Clinic, Bristol

Filton Clinic, Shield Retail Centre, Link Road, Filton, BS34 7BR

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