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willow chiropractic

Llaura's story

Treated for Back, Head pain at Bedminster clinic

Before I started to train for my Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) debut I wanted to ensure that I was in the best condition possible. As someone who sits at a desk or in the car for a large portion of my working day I often suffered with aching back pain and headaches. As soon as I started treatment at Willow Chiropractic I began to see improvements not only with my day-today wellbeing but also in my fight training. It's interesting the damage we do to our bodies without even realising it and Sarah's interest in sports chiropractic treatment really helped me to achieve full fighting strength and I was amazed to see the immediate differences following my adjustments. I now fully appreciate that every aspect of your body should be looked after and I will continue to visit Willow Chiropractic on a regular basis to ensure that I'm the best I can be. 


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Sophie's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Yate clinic
Hannah Schofield

My back pains have gone, my balance has improved massively, I have regular periods & I am full of energy that was not there before. ”

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Kane’s Story

Treated for Head pain at our Emersons Green clinic
Bristol Chiropractor

I’m excited for Rolf to continue his amazing work to help me on my road to recovery. I can’t thank him and the Willow team enough!”

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Jane's Story

Treated for Neck, Shoulder pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr Rob Firth

I am so glad that I came to Willow Chiropractic. It has made such a positive difference to my mobility and quality of life.”

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