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Simon's Story

Treated for Back pain at Clifton clinic

I have been suffering with back pain for years ever since I had a prolapsed, herniated disc. I had some regular chiropractic treatment at the time which helped to relieve the pain, but when my chiropractor retired I decided to go it alone and hope that things would heal by themselves. Spoiler: they didn’t.

After leaving my ache-inducing desk job to be a painter and decorator my pain got even worse again, to the point that it was almost as bad as when I first had the slipped disc.

A workmate recommended me to Willow and I am so glad they did. At the consultation Michael put me at ease, although I wasn’t convinced that I was ever going to fully get rid of the pain. Then at the second visit I was proven wrong, and after just one adjustment my pain eased so considerably that I committed fully from that point on. “Magic Mike” was very supportive throughout the whole process.

I had forgotten what it was like to be pain free, and realised how much of my headspace had been taken up with dealing with the pain. I cannot recommend and thank Michael and Willow enough for getting me to this stage.

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Chiropractic in the real world

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Andrew's Story

Treated for Back, Sciatica pain at our Bedminster clinic
Dr Sadique Mamun

Chiropractic has transformed my life and the doctors are real experts in what they do, as well as extremely knowledgeable and caring.”

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Hajnal's story

Treated for Knee pain at our Nailsea clinic

We all have big dreams. Mine is getting my black belt in Karate and running a 220KM relay race with my friends. I am back on track with my training and mostly pain-free. I am looking forward to accomplishing my goals. ”

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Bob's story

Treated for Sciatica pain at our Clifton clinic

After about 2 weeks I wondered if I had done the right thing, but now my walking and wellbeing are better than ever.”

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