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willow chiropractic

Bill's story

Treated for Back pain at Emersons Green clinic

"I have suffered with reoccurring back trouble for many years caused by Motocross. I finished with the sport back in 1989 but it is a very hard sport to get out of your system so over the last two years I bought a couple of motocross bikes, hoping that I could ride again, but because of the pain in my back I couldn’t.

I received a leaflet from Willow Chiropractic in Emersons Green through my door so gave them a call and got an appointment for the next day. On arrival I met Ashleigh the receptionist who was very friendly and professional and then I met my Chiropractor Lacey, who I also found very friendly and professional. She suggested that I should have several sessions to put my problems right, hoping that it won’t reoccur again.

Since having treatment I have been to a couple of practice tracks with my bike and have had no problems with my back at all, Lacey has done an excellent job!"


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Darren's story

Treated for Back pain at our Bedminster clinic

Sarah approached the situation positively in her enthusiastic way. Quickly diagnosing the problem & curing it in no time. I can't recommend her enough, she is a smiling superstar!”

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Baby Rory's Story

Treated for Neck pain at our Nailsea clinic
Dr Liam Rice

The difference after even just the first session was remarkable. He was instantly a much calmer baby who able to feed a lot easier.”

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Sophie's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Yate clinic
Hannah Schofield

My back pains have gone, my balance has improved massively, I have regular periods & I am full of energy that was not there before. ”

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