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willow chiropractic

Cath's story

Treated for Shoulder pain at Emersons Green clinic

About a year ago, I experienced pain in my left shoulder and restricted movement. It got steadily worse over the next few months. I couldn’t pick up and play with my nephews. I couldn’t exercise. Even dressing myself was a challenge. My GP diagnosed a frozen shoulder and recommended pain killers and maybe steroid injections. Other than that they said there was nothing that they could do and it would sort itself out in 2 to 3 years!

A couple of months later, I saw the flyer from Willow mentioning that they could help with a frozen shoulder – I made an appointment for a consultation and started treatment. Everyone at the practice has always been friendly and helpful and I was always kept informed of what to expect in terms of possible effects and timescales.

Within a couple of months I could see major improvements and now, 6 months later, I have almost full movement back in my shoulder. Basically, I have my life back!


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Orla's Story

Treated for Back, Shoulder pain at our Emersons Green clinic
Dr Gus Nixon

When I first came I had no energy and was doing the bare minimum. Now I'm training for two marathons. I regret not coming sooner!”

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Kate's story

Treated for Back pain at our Bedminster clinic

After examining Kate, we started treatment straight away and came up with a plan of action. She persevered incredibly well and in 2 weeks we got her back running and back on schedule. And there is the end result. If you need any more info let me know.”

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Connie's Story

Treated for Back, Neck pain at our Yate clinic

I can honestly say that putting my health first has been the best decision I have ever made. I am finally back to doing the things I love.”

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