Alex’s Story

Alex-Gunary-Clifton with james deadly Willow Chiropractic

“Had a posture check at university which raised some obvious faults with my spine and posture. My head was leaning forward and my hips were following making my upper back /shoulder were very tight and stiff. Additionally, I was leaning to one side, squishing my spine to the left. As a result, my brain wasn’t…

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Luke’s Story

Luke-Arnold-Clifton and james Willow Chiropractic

“I have been seeing James for a couple of months now and have felt a real difference. To start things went slowly, however, within a few sessions things began to shift and repair. I stood and sat straighter, my height has increased from the adjustments, my neck is straighter and feels less strained. Most notably…

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Martin’s Story

Martin-Blackmore and michael Willow Chiropractic

“Magic Michael!! When I first visited I was suffering with extremely bad sciatic pain, lower back ache and very restrictive movement, and considering surgery. Since my treatment began I have been transformed, the results are astounding!! I am now mostly pain free with great movement and can play with my children and return to my…

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David’s Story

David-Moore and michael Willow Chiropractic

“When I met Dr Michael Gallagher I jokingly said I wanted him to take 20 years off my spine. Hahaha. Problems had been building up, such as a recurring neck strain and not being able to turn to see behind me without twisting. Simple things I’d put down to ‘getting older’ and couldn’t be helped…

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James’ Story

James-Semmence Willow Chiropractic

“Words can’t really express how grateful I am or feel. When I first found out about Willow I was sceptical as I had seen chiropractors before with no joy. I have suffered for almost 4 years with pain that prevented me from tiny everyday things such as putting on socks and shoes, and from doing…

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Gemmina’s Story

Gemmina-Gains Willow Chiropractic

“I had always been sceptical about chiropractic as I had had a bad experience once. Ten years ago I had a car accident where I nearly got killed. I had really bad injuries in my hip, leg and many other parts of my body. I tried a cortisone injection for the pain, physiotherapy and almost…

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Aggie’s Story

Aggie-Njoroge and james Willow Chiropractic

“I don’t even know where to begin so I will start with gratitude; gratitude for Willow Chiropractic as a whole, and for James Deady specifically for the journey I have had with this treatment. I am a professional dancer for a living. I first came to contact with Willow after an 8 month contract away…

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Simon’s Story

Simon-Green and michael Willow Chiropractic

“I have been suffering with back pain for years ever since I had a prolapsed, herniated disc. I had some regular chiropractic treatment at the time which helped to relieve the pain, but when my chiropractor retired I decided to go it alone and hope that things would heal by themselves. Spoiler: they didn’t. After…

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Tom’s Story

Tom-Wright and james deadly Willow Chiropractic

“I used to suffer with lower back pain but was pessimistic about trying a chiropractor because I didn’t understand it, but I am glad I did! Working with James has really helped manage the pain and allowed me to be more active again. James recommended the benefit of sports massage alongside the chiro and I…

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Lisa’s Story

Lisa-Curtis Willow Chiropractic

“I have been seeing Michael for nearly two months. The improvements to my overall mobility are amazing! No more pain! Michael really knows his stuff. Thank you so much for making me better.”

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