Geoff’s Story

Ane and Geoff-Duxbury Willow Chiropractic

“I had been suffering from back problems ever since I had a fall. Surgery was not recommended so I had resigned myself to suffering with poor mobility and becoming a disabled person. I had tried treatment from an osteopath and a sports masseuse, but it only gave me temporary relief. After doing some research I…

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Roxy’s Story

Roxy-Gold-crop Dane Willow Chiropractic

“I started seeing Dane due the numbness in my shoulder which also caused pain to my neck. It was really affecting my life; I was unable to clean my house or ride my horse, and would be off work for days at a time. My life has now changed for the better as I no…

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Colston’s Story

Dane and Colston Willow Chiropractic

“I injured my back around three years ago whilst moving some heavy items around a neighbour’s garden. I woke up the morning afterwards with an awful debilitating pain in my lower back, which lasted around two weeks before simmering down into a constant ache and painful stiffness. Over the past three years and many many…

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Claudia’s Story

Claudia Sugaregg Willow Chiropractic

“I was sceptical at first as it seems like a lot of money to fork out without knowing if it works, but I was not to be disappointed. The initial assessment is thorough and after only two treatments I started improving massively. My constant dizziness when turning went. I’m now through the intense phase and…

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Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer-Beattie Willow Chiropractic

“As a pole dancer and aerialist, maintaining movement and flexibility is a must. I initially came to Willow Chiropractic with numbness in my arm and that was making it difficult to complete certain moves, as well as long-term wrist pain. Having very little knowledge of what a chiropractor does and what is involved, I was a…

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Chris’ Story

Ana and Chris Willow Chiropractic

“I first contacted Willow when I was suffering from lower back pain. Ana was really friendly and talked me through the treatment plan explaining everything thoroughly. After a few visits I started to feel much better – I had become so used to some of my pains that I thought they were just normal, but my…

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Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer-Withers Willow Chiropractic

“My back problems began in about 1992. I occasionally went to a chiropractor and took pain relief to try to manage it, but in September 2018 I was suddenly unable to get out of bed in the mornings without considerable pain and being assisted.  Ana gave me a thorough assessment and advised that my back generally…

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Esme’s Story

Esme Willow Chiropractic

“A few months ago I could hardly move and was in constant pain from my back. I have suffered from back pain at least 30 years on and off, and this year I’ve had two particularly bad bouts lasting about 10 days each. Then on holiday my back went on the second day and I…

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Helen’s Story

Dane and Helen Willow Chiropractic

“Before treatment I couldn’t get up in the mornings without a headache. Pills didn’t work as I got immune to them so I decided to see Dane. After just the first treatment I came out with no headache and I have had none for the past 2 months.”

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Carol’s Story

Dane and Carol Willow Chiropractic

“I have suffered with neck pain and back pain for many years and decided to give chiropractic a go. Dane was very friendly and put me at ease from the very first consultation and I was very impressed at the wide range of tests and explanations. I was so relieved when after the first session…

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