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15 March 2024

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Tanya’s Story

“I started seeing Liam in 2012. I had been to numerous health professionals, and no one could help me, but then we came to Willow, and something was different. For the first time, I got relief from my neck, back, and hip issues, and they wanted to keep it that way!

Then my daughter, Yulia, came to see Liam as she was pregnant with her first baby and suffering from back and pelvic pain. She had great results and had a good birth. My grandson, Nikita, started seeing Liam then for some mild sleeping issues. Three years later, my daughter gave birth again to Annoushka. This time the pregnancy was absolutely fine with no problems. Of course, the birth went well, and Annoushka was also checked by Liam when she was born but had no issues whatsoever with her spine.

In 2020, with Covid happening, my Mum wasn’t able to leave the house and, as a result, got very stiff, had bad back pain, and ached in her legs. We had terrible nights without her sleeping, and it disrupted the whole family for six months. She came to Willow as well, got mobile again, and then sleeping was no problem. She is now 92 and still comes to get adjusted and is able to jump onto Liam’s bench. Two years later, my husband Vitalik fell from the garage roof and had terrible shoulder and neck pain. After very successful treatment, he now believed in Chiropractic magic after being skeptical before and now takes his maintenance care seriously.

Thank you so much, Liam, for your professional skills and really caring for all my family. We look forward to our regular visits due to what life throws at us, and of course, it’s been a stressful time lately being from Ukraine. I know that Chiropractic is more than just aches and pains. Whenever I get adjusted, my vision becomes clearer as if the colours have become brighter and crisper. Thank you!”

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