Life after lockdown

women on hammock reading

For many of us, the past few months have been spent in the comfort of our homes. Away from work, friends and family, at a much slower pace than before. But, with restrictions beginning to tentatively lift, some people may be feeling a little anxious about returning to normal life. Lockdown has been difficult on…

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Posture in the Classroom is Key For Concentration

4 girls in a classroom posing

Of the 1330 hours that children and teenagers spend in school each year, the majority will be spent sitting down in class, whether at a desk or on the floor. Incorrect sitting posture can affect blood flow to the brain, which causes tiredness amongst other nasty things—not ideal when you’re supposed to be learning! In…

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How to Choose Supportive School Shoes

children at school playing

If I had £1 for every time I have heard somebody say ‘fashion is pain’ or ‘suffer for beauty’, I could buy myself a pair of horrendously uncomfortably and terrible-for-my-feet Louboutins—but I wouldn’t. The bottom line is that shoes should not be painful. Children and teenagers spend 190 days, or around 1330 hours, per year in school.…

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Adjust your child’s school bag properly to protect their spine

children holding hands at school

You’ve probably seen or heard the jokes about Year 7s walking around school with giant bags bigger than they are, but in actual fact this is more than just a fashion nightmare or source of comedy; heavy, oversized backpacks could be ruining their posture. A 2014 study found that children carrying heavier backpacks incorrectly experienced disc compression…

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