Our top 3 Summer tips this year

2 girls posing with sunglasses on

The sun is out, the air is humid and the whole UK population are starting to resemble a new species of lobster. No matter how prepared we think we are as a nation, we always seem to get caught out by the powerful UV rays. Obsessive is an understatement for us brits when we peak…

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Manage your hay-fever with this easy solution

Guy using a mask to stop his hay-fever

It’s that time of the year again. Aaaaccchhhooo! It’s the sneezing epidemic, the dreadful allergy that is hay-fever. The winter just gone wasn’t particularly harsh but the spring didn’t really materialize and suddenly summer surprises us with consistent sunshine and humid air.  For most of us, the sun is a pleasant mood-booster but it’s also…

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