Stay in bed and don’t feel bad about it

Man sitting on a bed

It goes without saying that to keep your body healthy during lockdown, you need to stay active. But if one day you don’t feel up to doing anything, that’s fine too. It’s important to be kind to yourself and recognise when you need a break. People usually think this is an easier option than staying…

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Top tips for a better nights sleep

Women on her phone in bed

Do you want to benefit even more from your chiropractic care? Increase the speed of your recovery, feel more energetic and be healthier? Your chiropractic helps you function better via the spine to the nervous system, and there are a number of things you can do to support this care and improve its effectiveness for…

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New year’s resolutions starting to falter?

Tennis player lying on the floor

It’s usually about this time in January when all that motivation you had for the New Year’s resolutions begin to fade. Whether it be sticking to a balanced diet and keeping to that exercise regime or generally improving your overall health and wellness. Here at Nailsea we want to help you stick to those resolutions.…

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Your new year health steps

running exercising up some stairs

The new year is already on its way, but have you thought about your new years resolutions? These different area’s assure you’re given a healthy, happy start! Nutrition: It’s important to have a healthy balanced diet. Where most of us fail, is that we don’t have enough fresh fruit and vegetables. We should be aiming…

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Mental health & Physical health: What’s the difference?

dad playing football with his daughter

What is the meaning of good mental health? “able state of mind, able to cope with the stresses of life and able to recognise one’s own abilities.” You could be physically in good shape and healthy but if you are stressed at work, worrying about finances, or having relationship troubles the chemical change and effect…

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New year, new you?

woman opening her curtains

A recent study showed that last year only approx. 8% of us managed to do this, meaning 92% didn’t.   This got me thinking. How come only 8% achieve their New Year goals? And how did that 8% do it, while still living a normal working life? Digging deeper, I found a common pattern behind…

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Have a Happy, Healthy Christmas

family outside in the snow

Christmas is nearly here and many of us are looking forward to celebrations, spending time with friends and relatives – and some time off work. But it can easily become a time of excess, so here are some simple tips on how to make this a Happy and Healthy Christmas from the team at Willow…

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The power of a good night’s sleep

couple in bed

For many of us Christmas is a very busy time of year; with all the extra socialising and celebrations, not to mention the huge list of extra jobs that need to be done, we tend to burn the candle at both ends. Reducing the time we spend resting, especially the time we spend sleeping, can make us…

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