Gardening: The Secret Workout

People gardening

Take off your running shoes and slip on your wellies, experts say taking up gardening is just as good as going to the gym. Spending time outdoors provides substantial health benefits and improves your wellbeing. Simply being in a green space can make you feel happier and healthier and gardening is an easy way to…

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Sports massage: not just for professional athletes

glen checking on patients neck pain

Whether you want to improve your game, enjoy greater mobility so you can enjoy your favourite sport, or get relief from a sports-related injury, massage therapy can sure help. But many people are under the impression sport’s massage is strictly for professionals, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. Ok, we admit; we see…

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Is CrossFit for you?

Is CrossFit for you

Overcome workout boredom with CrossFit CrossFit is about creating an experience, so it’s not the same routine over and over again. One of the most exciting things is that the exercise is always varied, you might practice power-ups one day; the next day it might be 20 minutes on the treadmill. CrossFit focuses on a…

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Only the pros know this secret golf tip

pro golfer swinging golf club

If you are reading this, I assume you want to find out the secret that all the pros use to improve their game. Keep reading to find out how restrictions in the body can halt your performance and discover the vital game changer most of the pros are using!  Golf, what a great game! Frustrating…

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Get fit without getting injured

Guy tying his shoelace

The gym; an intimidating testosterone-filled place full of bodybuilders and fitness freaks in lycra. For some, this can already be the ‘nope’ point. I mean, who wants to rock up to a building full of sweaty gym rats?! Once you have gotten over this hurdle, and accepted that your health and fitness comes first, then…

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Have a Happy, Healthy Christmas

family outside in the snow

Christmas is nearly here and many of us are looking forward to celebrations, spending time with friends and relatives – and some time off work. But it can easily become a time of excess, so here are some simple tips on how to make this a Happy and Healthy Christmas from the team at Willow…

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Run – for your life!

woman running a marathon

You may have seen the great crowds of people in Bristol city centre on the last weekend in September; braving the rain in brightly coloured shorts and fancy dress. What were these crazy people doing? And why would anyone want to run 13 miles? Every year more than 10,000 people participate in The Great Bristol Half…

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Be the best you can be – whatever your age

football Players playing a game

Ask yourself one question: “What is preventing me from being physically and mentally the best I can be?” Then, if you want some examples of what the human body is capable of, look no further than the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Here some of the most inspiring people in the world show that whatever troubles and…

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Willow Chiropractic – helping runners perform their best in The Great Bristol Half Marathon

people running

September is upon us heralding for many the end of the summer holidays and a return to more familiar routines such as school, work and possibly regular sports training. It’s not that we stop all sporting activities over the summer, it’s just the pattern is often disrupted. So it can be good to get back…

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Last minute adjustment for silver medalist, Henrik Stenson

Man Golfing

So the Olympics is over for another 4 years and we have come home with a record number of medals making it our most successful games yet. Did any of you spot the chiropractors hard at work behind the scenes in amongst all the amazing sporting performances? Chiropractors were available as part of the Rio…

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