Chiropractic isn’t designed to make you instantly feel better. It’s designed to make you instantly heal better

Chiropractic is designed to make you instantly heal better


This quote looks at how each adjustment helps your body to heal, and to move towards wellness and vitality. We know that pain is often the last symptom that our body uses to show us that something is wrong. When you have your first adjustments, you don’t necessarily feel your body getting better. Many people experience flare-ups and feel worse before they start to feel better. Underneath this, your body is doing all the hard work to heal.

Chiropractic isn’t an instant cure. You might not feel 100% better instantaneously, but your body starts to heal. In fact, the majority of the healing starts immediately afterwards. That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated and keep the spine moving.

Remember, this month and last months A1 QOM is to be displayed in clinics.

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