How to use the vortex elements

Willow Chiropractic Bristol


Book of the Month

  • Every month we will have a new book introduced to our lending library – Book of the Month
  • This book is to be displayed on the shelves on the book stand.
  • Patients are able to borrow these books. When a patient requests to borrow one of these books from the lending library, please complete the spreadsheet here:
  • Make sure to make note on this spreadsheet of when the patient brings back the book
  • Keep note of all patients who would like to read the book on the spreadsheet too so that we are able to bring it up in conversation when the book is available.



  • Every quarter there will be a new newsletter: January, April, July, and October.
  • There will be a different theme for each. For example, January’s was all about sleep. The recommendation and the feature article will all be related to this theme.
  • When the new newsletter is brought to the clinic, make sure that you read it yourself at least three times. This should only take you 15 minutes maximum.
  • We want you to be able to have discussions with patients around the content of the newsletter.
  • Do not just leave the newsletter on the reception desk for people to pick up. This interaction needs to engage the patient and add value to their journey.
  • Use what you know about the patient to engage them in conversation around something you think might interest them. This is when you give them a copy of the newsletter.
  • For example: Susan, I remember you mentioning that you were struggling to sleep. You might this this article in our newsletter helpful. It talks about *what you think they’ll find interesting*. OR Susan, I remember you saying that you’re struggling to sleep. There’s a sleep track in our newsletter that might help you to relax before sleep.
  • When the patient is next in clinic, make sure that you ask them about the newsletter.
  • For example, Susan, did you find the article interesting? Did you listen to the sleep track? Did it help you sleep?
  • Other ideas to talk about could be:
    • The recommended walk
    • Anything that the patient would find of interest in the feature article.
    • Mention the Book of the Month and relate this to something the patient might have mentioned and how the newsletter would have other interesting information too.
  • No matter what you choose to talk to the patient about, make sure you are following this up at their next appointment.


Quote of the Month

  • You will receive the new quote at least the week before it is due to change. This will give you plenty of time to swap over the quote in the frame.
  • It will give you another talking point with patients.
  • Sometimes the quote will relate to something in the newsletter. For example, in May, the quote will be related to our walking challenge that is mentioned in the newsletter.


Four Habits

  • Go for a walk
    • Make sure you are asking patients whether they are going for their post adjustment walks. If a patient mentions on their own that they are going for their post adjustment walk, next time ask them where they walk after their adjustments.
  • Drink water
    • Make sure you are commenting when a patient has water after their adjustment or reminding them to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Stand on two legs
    • If you see a patient leaning more to one side when they are standing, simply say something like “Leaning to one side isn’t good for your spine, make sure you are standing evenly on both legs”.
  • Sit on both sitting bones
    • If you see a patient sitting with their legs crossed, or leaning to one side using their phone, make sure to remind them to sit on both sitting bones evenly. This is better for their spine.
    • You could always give them tips on how to do it. For example, ask them how they are getting on with sitting on both sitting bones. If they say they are struggling, why not suggest getting the people they live with involved? Every time they sit unevenly, have that person mention it so that they become more aware of it themselves.

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