No Matter What

no matter what


Lisa Nichols is living proof that harnessing the power of our emotional strength can enable us to achieve the lives we were born to lead. This book will leave you feeling inspired and determined to succeed.

This book is useful to help you move past any setbacks and bounce back from this. Nichols shares her own experiences in an honest way that makes you think “If she can go through that and still be successful, so can I”.


Each chapter has activities to help you work on what she has spoken about in that chapter. Some of the chapters include:

  • Emotional Anatomy for Beginners – learn how to use your ‘bounce-back’ muscles which provide strength and ability to successfully navigate life’s speed bumps.
  • Prescription for change – Simple, effective action steps and exercise to discover the key lessons from your past and apply them to your future.
  • Solutions with a soul – Inspiring care studies that reveal Lisa’s own courageous story.


This book reminds us that everything we need to be happy lies within ourselves and shows you how you too can finally realise your dreams.

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