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Tessa Bide
Massage Therapist

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Tessa in a nutshell

Tessa's interest in bodywork came from training as a physical performer and wanting to understand her injuries better, and ways in which to minimise the negative effects of the high-intensity job. She now balances her theatre work with massage and finds that this enriches her practice, and a high number of her clients are performers or athletes: from casual joggers to circus performers and marathon runners.

What Tessa likes

Tessa is happiest when she's in the water. She grew up by the sea in Dorset and did her first 5km race in 2019 at the London Aquatic Centre in the Olympic Park. She also dabbles in synchronised swimming! Other than that, she loves the outdoors, trips to the theatre or circus and her cat Bertie.

Tessa's approach

Tessa specialises in deep tissue massage, remedial work and sports rehabilitation, with a holistic approach to even the most technical of case studies. Using intuitive touch and listening, her treatments use techniques such as deep tissue work, trigger point release, muscle energy techniques, gentle mobilisation and stretching. These techniques can be used for relaxation; to treat injury or dysfunction and to prepare for - or recover from - performance. With every treatment, she offers a programme of strengthening and stretching exercises tailored to your needs, to ensure your rehabilitation and wellbeing continue outside of the massage room.

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Where you can find Tessa

Bedminster clinic

Telephone: 0117 325 7075
Email: tessa.bide@willowlife.co.uk 

Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4AQ

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