Four things you should always do after an adjustment

20 December 2021

Willow Chiropractic what to do after an adjustment

The goal of chiropractic adjustments is to help your body to heal better. You want to be able to support your body as best as you can so that it can heal itself as fast as possible. Following these four steps will help you to give your body what it needs in the healing process.

1. Stay hydrated

When you have an adjustment, your Chiropractor is making your joints more mobile. When this happens, there can be a release of toxins that have been building up in your body. Drinking water helps to flush out these toxins so that they aren’t reabsorbed into the body, which means your body can start to heal.

Not only this, but when you’re dehydrated, the fluid that flows into your spine and brain can’t move as it should. This can affect your brain function. This fluid helps to remove toxins from your brain and helps to protect it too.

Water also keeps your spinal discs hydrated. If they’re dehydrated, they can’t protect and support your spine as they should. When we move, it puts pressure on the spine. That means your discs are compressed throughout the day. Water that is at the centre of the discs leaks out when they are compressed. When you drink water, your discs can start to rehydrate. If you don’t drink enough water, then this can’t happen like it’s supposed to.

2. Avoid sitting for too long

When you sit, your spinal discs are compressed more than when you stand. The nature of a lot of our jobs nowadays means that we are sitting for hours on end. It’s not only at work, it’s at home too. We get home from work and we sit on the sofa to watch something. If you are having to sit down after your adjustment, make sure that you are sitting with good posture. Pull your shoulders back, sit with your heels on the floor, and keep your elbows tight to your side.

3. Light movement

Make sure that you are moving around straight after your adjustment and throughout the rest of the day. Don’t just go straight to sitting down. Light movement, like going walking or swimming, can help to stimulate blood flow. This increases the amount of oxygen that is travelling through your body.

Oxygen is vital in healing processes. By moving around and making sure that enough oxygen is getting to where your body needs it can help with the healing process. Speak to your Chiropractor for their advice, they might give you some exercises that would be beneficial for you to do. 

4. Eat healthy foods

Making sure that you are eating food that is rich in nutrients is really good for recovery after an adjustment. It gives your body the fuel it needs to repair you faster, whereas unhealthy, processed foods can promote inflammation and might actually increase your pain.

Lots of different elements contribute to how well your body can heal. So, by making sure you are doing whatever you can that is in your control, is a great way to support your body.

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