The importance of water on your spinal health

01 March 2022

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There’s no denying that we have to drink plenty of water each day to maintain our health. We all know how water impacts our health. But, do you know why water is important for your spinal health in particular?

Your spinal discs are 85% water. It’s this high water content that helps to provide your spine with strength and flexibility. When you are dehydrated, your spine isn’t as flexible. Spinal discs also act as shock absorbers when they are hydrated; without enough water they can’t support weight as well as they should. 

When we move, the discs are compressed by the weight they support. This causes some of the water to be squeezed out of the disc. It is only when you lie down and this weight is removed from the discs that water starts to re-enter the disc, but only if the body is adequately hydrated. 

If they can’t hydrate, the discs remain compressed and this reduces the flexibility and support of the spine. Over time, this can cause issues, like back pain. If your discs get too dehydrated, it can increase the risk of injury to the spine or aggravate existing conditions or pain. 

Your spinal discs don’t have a direct blood flow like the majority of your other body parts and organs. They rely on a constant water supply and movement to receive and absorb the nutrients they need to work as best as they can. So, if you are dehydrated, your spinal discs can’t do their job properly. 

Drinking water is one of the very important elements to maintaining a healthy spine. 

Why you should drink water after your adjustment

Adjustments add a sense of balance and ease to the body. They remove interference from your nervous system so signals can be interpreted more clearly and your body works at its optimum.

Not only this, but when you have an adjustment, the toxins that have been building up are released into the body. To help rebalance your body, you should be drinking water immediately afterwards. This will help your body to rid these toxins more quickly, meaning that it makes it easier for your body to start healing.

Drinking plenty of water after your adjustment will help to nourish the discs between the vertebrae. This keeps your spine healthy and flexible, like we discussed above. 

Adding hydration to your wellness routine

Making sure that water is a part of your everyday routine is important for your overall health and wellness. Combine this with regular chiropractic care, and you can reduce the chance of injuries and illnesses in the future. 

If you want to maintain the benefits of your chiropractic adjustments, you will pick up that glass of water and keep refilling. Your body depends on it for so many different functions and processes. After all, water is the elixir of life.

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