What is chiropractic?

10 January 2022

Willow Chiropractic neck adjustment

Think of chiropractic care as similar to gardening. Just like a seed needs time, care, and maintenance to flourish, your body needs the same things to express the highest level of health. No matter what your age, your body needs support to be as healthy as it can possibly be. 

You are surrounded by different stressors on a daily basis that interfere with your nervous system. These could be physical, chemical, or emotional stressors. Your nervous system is responsible for helping your body to adapt to these stressors, and triggering any processes that need to happen.

For example, if you cut your finger, you don’t have to consciously focus all your energy on healing that cut. Your nervous system triggers a healing response subconsciously.  

When your body is bombarded with stressors day-in-day-out, it doesn’t have enough time to adapt or heal. This is when you might start to see problems starting to develop, like pain. These stressors start to build up and cause even more interference in your nervous system, which makes it even harder for your body to heal itself. 

Let’s use sitting as an example…

We aren’t designed to be sitting for hours on end, day after day. It’s so far from our hunter-gatherer origins that it puts stress on our bodies.

Imagine you’re 40 years old, and you have been in an office job since you were 18-years-old, you drive to and from work, and you sit in front of the TV at home for hours on end. The interference in your body from sitting has been building up for 22 years. If this continues for another 5, 10, 20 years, you can only imagine what the build up will be like.

Your pain starts to show when this build up gets too much for your body to handle, it’s your body’s final cry for help. But, the cause of your pain started long before you reached this point. 

That’s why when you come for chiropractic care, it takes time to see changes, just like when a seed grows. You need to be patient and come to regular sessions, even when you’re no longer in pain. Little and often, just like you would water flowers to make sure they blossom and don’t wilt. You need to do everything you can to make sure this build up doesn’t happen.

It’s a joint effort…

Whilst the goal of chiropractic adjustments is to help the body function at a higher level by reducing interference in the nervous system, it also takes effort from you too. To support your adjustments, you should be: drinking a litre of water per 35kg of your weight, go for a 10 minute walk after every adjustment, stand on both legs evenly, and sit on both sitting bones. For more information, click here to read our blog.

With regular care, your body can start to solve the root cause that is causing your pain or issues. When your body fixes the causes, it makes it much less likely that it will cause your pain to return, as long as this is kept on top of. This is much better than just masking the pain and not solving the problem. 

Even though people think that Chiropractors just ‘crack your back’, the power of adjustments is incredible. Chiropractic care is a natural healthcare solution that encourages your body to heal better. It is designed to make you healthier. Click to read Craig’s Story.

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