Why should I see a Chiropractor when I feel perfectly fine?

10 February 2022

Willow Chiropractic when to see a chiropractor

If you don’t have any pain or symptoms, it’s easy to think that you are healthy and don’t need to see a Chiropractor. If you wake up in the morning without pain, why would you even think that there is anything wrong? Sometimes, when you go to the doctors for a check-up the doctors will look for symptoms or pain to try and diagnose a problem. That’s how the system works over here in the UK. However, most of the time, people would wait until they’re in pain to do something about it. The most common “solution” that is offered is to take painkillers, or to remove something from the body (having surgery).

Chiropractic wellness care is a different approach to your health. We focus on the way your whole-body functions, and make sure that your nervous system can do its job. You see, your body has everything it needs already. It is perfect in its imperfections, and it knows what to do. When you cut yourself, you never have to think about the immune system, the skin cells building up again, or the blood clotting process. You just observe your skin healing and the cut closing without even thinking about it. The exact same thing happens with all tissues and organs in your body, you just can’t see it.

Your nervous system controls every single cell in your body and every process. Your immune system, hormones, sleep, emotions, pain levels, everything. A major part of your central nervous system is protected by your spine: the spinal cord.

The Chiropractor’s job is to check all of your spine to make sure that there is no misalignment, before you even start to feel any pain or discomfort. Pain and discomfort are one of the final warnings your body tries to give you to let you know that something is wrong.

Our main purpose as Chiropractors when you are coming in already feeling great, is to catch and correct any misalignment in your spine that could affect your health in the future. We will then do everything we can for your body to stay in a state of ease and function at its best.

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