Why the spine is so important

04 October 2021

Willow Chiropractic shoulder adjustment

Your spine plays such an important role in your health. 

It protects your spinal cord, which plays a huge part in your nervous system, so that signals between your brain and body are more efficient. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves and roots, 120 muscles attached to it, and 100 different joints to make it as flexible as possible. This helps to make sure everything is working as it should and functions at its optimal level.

Take using a knife and fork as an example. If the signals didn’t get interpreted correctly, your muscles wouldn’t work together so that you could cut into the food, or lift your fork to your mouth as easily even though it’s something you’re so used to doing. 

Your spine is so complex and that’s why it’s important to take care of its health.

Our lifestyles place stress on our spines and bodies. Sometimes they struggle to cope when there are too many stressors. Your nervous system helps your body to regulate and restore itself whenever it comes into contact with stressors or toxins. When they start to build up, that’s when subluxations (blockages in the spine) start to develop.

Chiropractors find blockages and interferences in your spine so they can correct them with adjustments (a controlled, specific force to a spinal joint). This helps your body to return back to working at its optimal level as the signals can be transmitted and interpreted clearly, so, things like healing processes can start working as it should again. This is why you might see a reduction in pain; your body has started to fix the root cause.

Lower back pain affects around 540 million people at any one time, with 80% of people likely to suffer with back pain in their life. If we know that our spine is important, and we know that our lifestyles place stress on it, then why aren’t more of us being proactive about supporting our spines as best we can?

Consistent chiropractic care helps to reduce the impact of stressors on your body, which helps to minimise the chance of issues in the future. Our bodies show us that they’re under too much stress and struggling to cope through pain. It takes a long period of time for pain to express itself and there have often been warning signs before this, like a little niggle every now and then, or not being able to perform as well in the gym as you used to.

That’s why it’s important to get your spine checked regularly by a Chiropractor (at least every three months). Being proactive and preventing pain is much more effective than reacting to pain, both for your physical and mental health.

When you can’t physically do the things you love and enjoy anymore, or if you feel that you can’t handle another day in pain, it can be hard to see a way out. By getting a regular spinal check-up, it helps to catch any changes early before it gets to this point. This makes it much easier to restore your health back to where it was, rather than if this was going on for a longer period of time.

Even our daily lives put stress on our bodies. Caffeine, work stress, alcohol, smoking, being sat for long periods of time, all do. Again, by getting adjusted regularly, it reduces the impact on your body as it can cope better with combatting whatever is causing it stress.

Your spine is central to your health and needs extra attention. You wouldn’t wait until your tooth was rotting to go to the dentist, you go for regular checkups. The same should apply to seeing a Chiropractor to catch problems with your spine. It’s so much easier to retain your health than regain your health. 

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