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Mikolaj (Nick) Szablewski
Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic (MChiro)


Nick in a nutshell

Nick’s works at our Bedminster Clinic

Nick’s chiropractic journey began in Wales, where he earned his qualifications. At 17, a series of enlightening videos introduced him to the power of chiropractic care, sparking a passion for helping others achieve their best health. His commitment was sealed after witnessing firsthand the transformative effects of his first chiropractic adjustment. Nick’s vision extends beyond the clinic. He aspires to bring chiropractic care to as many as possible, advocating for its benefits and dreaming of a future where he can extend his expertise to animals too.

What Nick likes

Sports, nature and animals. 

Nick enjoys a variety of sports and outdoor activities. He has a particular fondness for tennis, golf, and badminton. Additionally, Nick has a love for nature and animals, and often enjoys walking his four dogs when he visits his family in Warrington. Wales is one of his favourite places in the UK.

Nick's approach

Don’t let injuries dictate your life. 

Nick is a firm believer that chiropractic care, coupled with healthy living, can revolutionise lives. His philosophy is simple: don’t let injuries dictate your life. With the right care, you can continue doing what you love. For Nick, a well-functioning spine and nervous system are the foundation for optimal health. He understands the toll that physical, chemical, and emotional stress can take on our bodies and champions chiropractic care as a path to healing and incredible health transformations.

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Where you can find Nick

Bedminster Clinic, Bristol

East Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4HH

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