Shaun’s Story

Willow Chiropractic Shaun's testimonial

“One day I woke up to go about my day as I usually would. I went downstairs and before I knew it, I had collapsed. I had to crawl into the car and lay across the backseat for my wife to drive me to the hospital. A few weeks beforehand, I had felt a few…

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Michael’s Story

michael-potts and Dane Willow Chiropractic

“Before I started getting adjustments, I had severe knee pain 24 hours a day and found it painful to walk short distances or stand in one position for short periods due to the constant pain. This made me unhappy. Now, after my first six weeks of adjustments I can stand in one position for much…

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Olivia’s Story

olivia-de-souza and Ana Willow Chiropractic

“My story started when I had my son. I started to feel a lot of pain and for six months I could not stand straight, I walked looking down.  After waiting a long time I had an operation and the Doctors said I would never be 100% well and would always feel pain. It has…

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Leanne’s Story

Leanne-Prewett and Ana Willow Chiropractic

“I came to Willow with pain in my right shoulder and neck in March this year. This was my first experience of seeing a chiropractor but Ana was friendly and welcoming and put me at ease. After a thorough examination Ana explained what was wrong and a treatment plan was put into place. After a…

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Aaron’s Story

Aaron-Jarman and Dane Willow Chiropractic

“During my time working in the Armed Forces I hurt my neck and back from the intensive work I was undertaking. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I was young and just assumed the pain would go away on its own. I currently work as an HGV driver and the long…

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Hannah’s Story

Hannah-Turtell and Dane Willow Chiropractic

“I have suffered from back pain, neck pain and terrible posture ever since fracturing my spine 16 years ago. I was a little scared to see a chiropractor as I had heard some scary stories and didn’t want to do any more damage to my back, but eventually my posture got so bad and I…

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Andrew’s Story

Andrew-Bush and Dane Willow Chiropractic

“My first visit was late November 2017 due to severe pain in my upper arm and shoulder area. I was in so much pain every day, activities were very hard to do, from driving to even sitting at a desk and trying to use a computer. I was also due to fly to Florida in…

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Craig’s Story

Craig-Bytheway golfing Willow Chiropractic

“22 years ago I ended up on the floor with agonising back spasms whilst toilet training my son. I tried to pull myself together – after all, I was fit, agile, only 27, nothing could hurt me, right? How little did I know! These spasms continued on a very regular basis for the next 20-odd…

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Mark’s Story

Ana and Mark-Searle Willow Chiropractic

“I had suffered with back pain for many years and believed that it was something I just had to live with. After a recent flare-up I decided to give Willow Chiropractic a try and after just a few sessions I started to feel better. My back is now pain free and I continue seeing Ana…

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Ricky’s Story

Ricky-Hooper and Ana Willow Chiropractic

“Christmas last year I developed a raging lower back pain and had difficulty moving, I felt like I had aged by 40 years over night! All the doctors that I saw wanted to just prescribe pain killers which didn’t resolve the problem it just masked the pain. After searching the internet for help I came…

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