Dr Dan’s Recommendation – A New Habit 🦴

15 March 2024

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The Benefits of Daily Bone Broth Consumption


In recent weeks, I’ve developed the habit of drinking bone broth daily, and the benefits for my overall health and well-being have been remarkable:

Supports Joint Health: Rich in collagen, bone broth strengthens connective tissues, including joints, reducing discomfort and promoting flexibility.

Aids Digestive Health: The gelatin in bone broth supports gut lining integrity, reducing inflammation and enhancing nutrient absorption, crucial for overall wellness.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Compounds like glycine and proline in bone broth alleviate inflammation, critical for managing chronic pain often associated with spinal misalignment.

Promotes Bone Density: Packed with bone-strengthening minerals like calcium and magnesium, bone broth fortifies skeletal structure, vital for spinal health and alignment.

Enhances Hydration: Bone broth, a hydrating beverage rich in electrolytes, supports spinal disc health, maintaining proper hydration levels for optimal cushioning and shock absorption.

Supports Weight Management: Low in calories yet satiating due to its protein content, bone broth aids in weight management, reducing stress on the spine and joints.

Improves Sleep Quality: Glycine’s calming effects promote restorative sleep, crucial for spinal tissue repair and overall wellness.


Incorporating bone broth into one’s diet complements chiropractic care by addressing inflammation, supporting tissue repair, and promoting overall spinal health and alignment. Personally, I source my bones from my local farmers market, but most butchers sell them. I simply add a little salt, old vegetables, and apple cider vinegar. Delicious!

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